Thursday, December 31, 2009




Freemasonry is a secret, worldwide organization. The organization’s cunning and secret plan is to spread strife among believers, to lead the world toward irreligion, war and disorder and to establish a loveless human society whose members are in constant conflict with one another by spreading Darwinist philosophy across the globe. The reason why the masonic system that rules the world has this aim is because the representatives of the system receive the order to spread corruption across the world directly from satan himself. The demon that senior masons worship and receive their orders from is known as Lucifer. The Lucifer worshiped by the masons is described as follows in one reference source:


Masonry was organized as a reaction to Christian belief and also opposed all the other faiths that praise Allah as the One and Only. But masons never expressed this openly and strive to achieve their aims under a religious guise. Despite being a reaction and belief system opposed to all divine religions, freemasonry used its religious guise in a highly effective manner.

W. L. Wilmhurst summarized the reality that a new Christian entrant to a lodge would encounter:

… but as they are told that religious discussion, which means, of course, secretarian religious discussion, is forbidden in the Lodge, they infer that
Masonry is not a religious institution...

So, Masons who are 'Christians' are disobeying Jesus' command. ii

As these words show, many devout Christians are unaware of how the masonic system that emerged as the greatest threat to Christianity acts behind a religious mask. This sinister organization with its Christian mask is able to spread its heretical views in this way and even influence a number of devout believers. It is this masonic indoctrination that underlies the distorted perspective toward Islam of some evangelicals, their expectation of war and disorder in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) who will actually bring peace and security to the world today and the completely incomprehensible belief that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will annihilate one-third of the world’s population.

This extract from the book Freemasonry The Invisible Cult in our Midst by former Grand Master Jack Harris are particularly striking:

“If you want to worship God, go to your church; we worship the Supreme Architect of the Universe Here.” iii

As we have already made clear in great details in previous articles, the great architect of the universe worshiped by the masons represents Lucifer, in other words, SATAN. Therefore, the meaning of the above statements is clear: it is impossible for a devout Christian to be a part of a heretical environment involving the worship of satan. In an environment in which satan is worshiped, only those things desired by satan will be done and actions reflecting satan’s ferocity, hypocrisy and rebellion will be planned. It is clear that no decisions reflecting moral virtue, peace, security, friendship or brotherhood will be taken in an environment in which orders are received from satan. All that will be talked about in this environment ruled by satan is slaughter, war, rage, anger and killing. Under its devout and innocent mask, freemasonry imposes the decisions taken in this environment ruled by satan on some evangelicals and some Muslims. That is the basic reason why some evangelicals and Muslims expect war and slaughter when they should espouse peace and security and unity and brotherhood among believers as required by the law of Allah. They have unwittingly been deceived by the vile indoctrination of masonic circles.

The masonic strategy in question is a major one and has succeeded among some devout believers. Its aim is to turn people away from belief in Allah, set true believers who believe in the one Allah against one another, hinder believers who would represent a major force if properly united, strengthen atheist, Darwinist and materialist philosophy by preventing the growth of faith in the world and by doing so to prepare a groundwork of slaughter, war and murder for the antichrist, the corruptor of the End Times. Those people who are misled by masonic circles into regarding believers as the enemy and who expect terrible slaughter in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are thus in a terrible state of error.

Contrary to the vile imputations of masonic circles, the time of the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be one of peace, security and well-being. This period will be one when true believers in the one Allah unite and grow stronger. In this time, not a single person’s nose will be made to bleed and the sleeper will never be wakened. The vile plots of masonic circles will be brought low, because this is our Almighty Lord’s promise:

They concocted their plots, but their plots were with Allah, even if they were such as to make the mountains vanish. (Surah Ibrahim, 46)

Some masons, who wear an evangelical or Islamic mask, are trying to mislead true believers by submitting their own interpretations of pronouncements in the holy scriptures. The hostile attitude to Islam of certain evangelical Christians is the result of these unpleasant endeavors. This perspective toward Islam they are trying to establish among devout Christians is in fact a false and rotten hoax. Masons are toying with believers by distracting them through this false ruse, preventing any growth in faith and preparing the ground for the sly and repellent propaganda they use against Allah.

Evangelical masons employ a much more unpleasant technique to depict this ruse as valid and to attract support from devout evangelicals, portraying their claims as being based on the Gospel. They know that this is the only way to influence sincere evangelicals. But the fact is that this is a cunning deception. The mindset that seeks to equate Islam with the system of the antichrist (dajjal), on the supposed basis of the Gospel (surely Islam is beyond that) is the masonic mindset that represents the true source of the system of the antichrist. That mindset misleads people BY COMPLETELY MISINTERPRETING AND DISTORTING THE TRUTH IN certain passages from the Gospel.

One reference source explains how freemasonry’s true aim is to divert Christianity away from genuine belief:

The ultimate aim of Freemasonry is to uproot completely the whole religious and political order of the world … and to replace it by another in harmony with their way of thinking. This will mean that the foundation and laws of the new structure of society will be drawn from pure Naturalism." 1

Thus the true aim of freemasonry is to turn Christianity away from its real purpose. But since freemasonry is a system of the antichrist it operates in a sly way, and uses the Gospel in order to distance Christianity from its real purpose, while portraying itself as devout. Believers must be on their guard against this grave peril.

It needs to be made clear that the description of the antichrist in the Gospel is in complete agreement with our Prophet’s (saas) description of the antichrist in the hadith. Therefore, the antichrist awaited by the Muslim world and the antichrist expected by the Christian one will spread the same heretical belief and possess the same characteristics as they will be the same antichrist. But evangelical masons are very cunning in seeking to ascribe all the features of the dajjal to Islam, and point to supposed proof in the Gospel as they do so.

This effrontery and policy of provocation exhibited by masons wearing an evangelical mask is intended to incite hatred and anger against true Muslims across the world. By portraying themselves as devout and claiming that their inspiration comes from the Gospel, these people try to ascribe oppression and slaughter, things that do not exist in Islam, to the religion. Sincere Christians must be on their guard against these people’s cunning. As a result of this misdirection, sincere and devout Christians have a false idea of and misinterpret Islam, and remain unaware of the fact that it is a religion of beauty, peace and love. This stratagem also leads to the emergence of an artificial divide between Muslims and Christians. As a result of this cunning plan, true believers who have faith in the same Allah are unable to be united, the aim being, on the contrary, for there to be dispute and argument between them. This, of course, prepares the ideal groundwork for freemasonry, the system of the antichrist that wishes to spread irreligion, Darwinism, anarchy, oppression, war, murder and degeneration across the world, to cunningly continue its activities.

As it has throughout the course of history, freemasonry is able to grow stronger so long as it can keep true believers divided. In order to spread irreligious rule and strengthen its own ideology, freemasonry must therefore ensure that believers are weak and fragmented. That is why one major aim for masons is to impair the alliance among true believers and split them apart. The most effect means of doing this, in masons’ eyes, is to make use of masons wearing an evangelical mask who have no qualms about pointing to the Gospel as their source of inspiration. Devout Christians, who fall for the trap set by masons wearing an evangelical mask, are unknowingly and unwillingly making themselves a tool for the masonic policy of disseminating irreligion. All true believers must therefore be on their guard against this terrible snare and wage their real intellectual campaign against those ideologies that oppose Allah in a spirit of complete unity. Believers must never forget that the worst danger is freemasonry, which seeks to spread irreligion, and heretical ideologies such as Darwinism and materialism under masonic control.